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Plate Clamps

Plate Clamps

Camlock Plate Clamps Horizontal

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Used in pairs. This range of Clamps is ideal for loading machines and moving plate material in the horizontal position (max sling angle 90°).

Clamp is designed for loading process machines and to lift and transport sheet steel plate in the horizontal position. A single pair of Clamps supported from a 2 leg chain sling (maximum included angle 90º) are used to lift short lengths of plates. Long lengths of plate must be lifted using 2 pairs of Clamps supported from a lifting beam. Standard Clamps are supplied with smooth jaws, these can be replaced with jaws with serrated hardened steel teeth if requested.The integral shackle is designed to accept directly the relevant sized chain sling hook. The Clamp is designed for use with 2 legged slings only. Never attempt to reeve a single leg chain sling through the shackles. Note The CH1 Clamps have one jaw only. The HH8 and HH8L Clamps are fabricated from high tensile steel for ease of handling. CH Clamps can be designed to suit any load or plate thickness.


Helmet requiredGoggles requiredGloves requiredBoots required.


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